JIAB – shop art & fashion

Jiab is a fashion brand based in Berlin, Germany. 
Founded in 2010 by Jiab Prachakul, an artist and designer from Thailand, and Daniele Galimberti, a designer and art-lover from Italy. 
Art meets fashion brand's attitude, presents original textiles and designs, using exclusively vegan leathers and high range quality fabrics. 

Jiab and Daniele design the clothing and accessories for the brand, travelling across Europe to find the best textiles and vegan leathers to make their unique products in their Berlin atelier.
All of the artworks we use for our brand are created by Jiab Prachakul.
If you are interested in Jiab's art, it is possible to arrange a visit at Jiab's studio , based in Berlin, and see some of her original art.
Feel free to contact us!
Thank you very much for your support of our art and design projects,
Best Regards. 

Jiab Prachakul & Daniele Galimberti.